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  2009-10 News & Product Releases

>> New online user control panel was created and many extra features where added.
>> New online map section was created.
>> Currenty developing Haitalis e-book store.
>> The new travel guide of Athens was released, containing a full reconstruction of the Acropolis, guide to the new Acropolis museum and complete maps of Attica, Athens center and metro.

2008-09 News & Product Releases

>> Travel Guide about Delphi and the archaeological site is released.
>> Complete collection of coaster sets is releasead, with photographs of Greece.
>> Complete collection of miniature playing cards is released for all around Greece.

2007-08 Product Releases

>> New post card collections for Athens and the island of Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and Paros are released.
>> Haitalis Editions through the Travelocity affiliate program covers all your travel needs. Flights, Accommodation, Car Rentals and Travel Guides are now available to you.

2006-07 Product Releases

>> Release of 40 Page Setters and a vast collection of fridge magnets with selected colour photographs from Greece

2005 Product Releases

>> Calendar with traditional recipes of Greek Cooking Languages: English, French, German
>> Athens Photographic Albums
>> Crete Photographic Albums
>> Corfu Photographic Album