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Points of Interest - Must Visit | Athens | Greek Islands | Northern Greece | Peloponnesos
Museums, Archaeological Sites and Art Galleries we recommend you should visit during your stay in Greece. Those found in this section are suggestions of our travel team as places we like or found interesting during our travels. Greece has numerous points of interest, for different types of interest, that couldn't all be listed here. We would be happy to help you plan your trip and offer you an insider's view during your stay in Greece. For more information just ASK
Must Visit: Athens | Andros | Crete | Delphi | Vergina
The New Acropolis Museum, a cultural dream of many decades, has finally come true in the city of Athens.  Located in Athens’ historic Makriyanni area, the museum stands 300 meters southeast of the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis and approximately 2 km from Syntagma Square.  It has direct access to the “Acropolis” Metro Station. 

The new museum covers a total surface of 25,000 square meters, with 14,000 square meters devoted to the museum’s exhibition areas and distributed on the museum’s ground floor and additional three levels.  It has been designed to provide all the services befitting a 21st century world museum.

At the Museum’s entrance, visitors are welcomed by a votive statue of glauka, an owl sculpted in Mount Pendeli marble and dating back to the early 5th century BC. The flooring of the ground-level is Lucite-covered in places and superimposed over excavation finds from the surrounding area so that visitors may be allowed a vivid view.  The finds represent a wide range of time periods starting with Hellenistic and Roman times and ending with the Byzantine period of the 7th century A.D. This particular part of the museum will be open to the public as of 2010. 

Dionisou Aeropagitou 15 Acropolis T.+30 210 9000900
Tues-Sun 8am-8pm Entrance Fee € 5

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